Thermal Imaging

What is Thermal Imaging?

It is the process of taking specialised photos of very hot or very cold areas that under certain conditions can cause faults, eg meter boards, wiring, switches, socket outlets, lighting, to damp areas and even pick up animal injuries, it will also pick up different areas of heat in the human body.

We use Thermal Imaging to capture these images, analyze them and when complete, the customer receives a detailed survey on the findings and any suggestions for remedial work.

Our services cover Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Thermal Imaging.

This is a photo of an appliance in a socket outlet in an overloaded situation, as you can see, without a Thermal Imaging camera this looks normal but has the potential to cause a fire.
This is the same photo of the portable charger in socket outlet photographed via a Thermal Image camera under heavy load which as you can see is causing extreme heat in the socket.
This looks like a normal cows hoof.
This is the hoof looking through a Thermal Image camera, as you can see here, the camera is showing where an infection is in the cows hoof.
This is a photo taken with a digital camera of a fault in a very dark area, it shows nothing .
This is the same photo taken with a Thermal Image camera showing up the fault in the cable, which is caused by over loading, eg too much power going through one cable by household electrical items.

Are you thinking of buying or selling a home, farm or business but are unsure of whether it is up to NZ electrical safety standard?

We can help with that.

We offer Thermal Inspections on your House, Rental, Farm or Business assets and Animals.

The Inspection is done by a Qualified Technician to protect your main assets as well as protecting your family.

Our Thermal Inspections take approximately 3 hours to complete and covers every Thermal Electrical check in the dwelling from light fittings, major appliances, earthing systems to switchboards, this will give you peace of mind when thinking of buying or selling your next property.

These inspections will also help you to buy with confidence knowing your house or potential house or business is up to the safety standard required by law, or will state the recommendations required that are needed to get it to NZES.

Pricing for Domestic Thermal Imaging is as follows:

1 bedroom home $280 + GST

2-3 Bedroom House $395.00 + GST

4-6 Bedroom House $545.00 + GST

Pricing for Commercial and Industrial Thermal Imaging is at an hourly rate of $105 + GST.

Once all information pertaining to the business, dwelling is gathered we will give you an in depth report of the property/building with suggestions of improvements if needed.

Any remedial work done will be through your electrician, builder or plumber, we do not offer this service.